ESS Templates & Brand Guidelines

OSU has administered new university-wide brand guidelines including color palette options for individual schools, departments, and labs. Here at the ESS Lab, we have chosen a color palette for use in our research graphs and charts that represents our dedication to the natural environment, including shades of green, blue and golden brown.

Using the templates and color palette

All research materials created by the ESS Lab, including reports, publications, and presentations, should use the provided templates. Research materials created by the ESS Lab should use the color palette for secondary colors such as on maps, graphs and charts; primary colors on text and backgrounds should conform to OSU brand guidelines.

ESS Report Template
ESS Poster Template
ESS PowerPoint Template
Color palette for ESS Lab data graphs and charts:
  • Fresh Lime (PMS 380): 30% shade, CMYK 18 0 82 30  |  RGB 148 156 50  |  HEX 949c32
  • Dense Teal (PMS 5473): 40% shade, CMYK 86 20 32 71  |  RGB 23 62 65  |  HEX 173e41
  • Warm Gold (PMS 110): 20% shade, CMYK 2 22 100 26  |  RGB 176 136 45  |  HEX b0882d