The Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers usually has submission deadlines in late October or early November, and the conference is usually in April.  AAG accepts all abstracts submitted, without a review process.  You can choose what sort of presentation to give, with many options available.

Description: This is the primary disciplinary conference in the field of geography, and it’s one of the largest conferences you might ever go to – the number of presenters is often over 4,000, and the number of attendees can reach over 8,000.  There will most likely be dozens of sessions that you are interested in attending, and you won’t be able to see them all.  Their newcomers guide can help you navigate the huge variety!  In terms of focus, this conference is as interdisciplinary as the field of geography.  It typically attracts presentations on a wide variety of topics, including natural and social science (i.e. human and physical geography).  The people who attend are also typically very diverse: academics in geography other disciplines as well as practitioners in urban planning and transportation, public health, nonprofit research centers, GIS specialists, and many more.  The sessions are just as diverse as the participants, and they also host workshops where you can get an introduction to new skills, and field trips that are an easy way to experience the host city. 

AAG also typically includes a variety of sessions on geography careers, many of which are relevant to Environmental and Social Sustainability.  For example, in 2014 there were panel sessions on geography careers in academia, in government and nonprofit, and in the private sector.  They also host workshops on skills like networking and writing strong resumes.  At the Career Mentoring program you can connect with career mentors, who will answer your questions about careers and job hunting in geography.

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