Lab Resources

Please see below for information about Lab technology and space resources, or the tabs to the left for other information-based resources. 

ESS Shared Facilities and Equipment:

Lab Space in Room 231 Kottman Hall

The ESS Lab space has the following resources available for current ESS Faculty, staff, Graduate students, and approved RAs:

1) Two computer workstations outfitted with powerful processors (10-core, 2.2Ghz CPUs; 64GBs RAM) and the latest analytic and modeling software. Both computers A and B are currently installed with SPSS / AMOS, SAS, R, STATA, MAXQDA, and MATLAB, as well as Adobe Creative Suite, ArcGIS, QGIS, the Microsoft office suite, and printer hookups (print code needed). Additionally, computer A has MPlus, and computer B has IRTPro. Login and save files using your OSU username. If existing software do not meet your needs, email, and we will work with you to find an option that will work.

2) Two small workrooms (231B and 231C) contain whiteboards and computers with computer-based call and recording abilities (i.e webcams, speakers, and a microphone) perfect for conducting interviews, one-on-one research, or small meetings. Both PCs have basic software such as SPSS, R, Adobe, MAXQDA and Microsoft office. Calls can be made on the existing phone lines, or through web-based platforms (e.g. Zoom, Google hangouts, Skype). Please be forewarned: cell coverage is limited in 231B, and phone numbers for either room should not be listed on study protocols, and should only be shared externally on an as-needed basis.

3) Lockable storage for in-progress surveys or other confidential materials, and customizable voicemail boxes under the lab phone number for a study point of contact

4) A high work table for opening or assembling surveys, stuffing envelopes, etc.

5) Plus a PC workstation in the room 316 common area, good for printing or more basic work and analysis. Login using your OSU ID. Software: SPSS, R, MAXQDA, Office, and Adobe. 

Remote Access to Lab PCs/resources

You may request remote access to lab PCs via Guacamole, a browswer-based program. Please contact the lab manager to determine which computer will best fit your needs and coordinate access with IT. 

Atlas.ti, a qualitative analysis software, is also available remotely via a single use license. Logging in may need to be coordinated with others using the license, ask the lab manager for details/access.

Lab Equipment Available for Research-Related Loans

The ESS Lab also maintains 5 digital voice recorders, a portable projector, a transcription pedal, 8 clipboards, 50 "clickers" for audience response, and 2 barcode scanners (used for surveys) available for check-out or in-lab use. We also have 3 mobile copies of MAXQDA that may be checked out of the lab as needed.

Instructions to reserve:

Email to request equipment or reserve a small room or computer. Usage rules will be first-come first-served unless there is a reservation.  PIs can also make reservations on behalf of their RAs or give approval for their general access. The room may be opened as needed with the room code.