The Sustainable-Behavior Working Group (SuB): Please join us!


The Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) lab is excited to introduce a collaborative virtual space to facilitate our vision of becoming a hub of sustainability research at Ohio State: The Sustainable-Behavior Working Group (SuB)! 

SuB’s purpose is to facilitate research in sustainable behavior, with behavior being broadly defined (micro-, meso- and macro-level outcomes, intra- and inter-personal processes, short- and long-term impacts), and reaching across both environmental and social domains. SuB strives to generate publishable behavioral research in the sustainability domain, promote the sustainability-related needs of SuB field partners, and create learning opportunities for junior scholars.

Members of the SuB working group meet every other month to share new research opportunities and identify collaboration potential across group members. Examples of these collaboration opportunities are (1) the annual, campus-wide ESS Sustainability Survey, (2) energy-conservation behavioral research with the ENGIE-Axium OSU energy partners, and (3) recycling-behavior research with Facilities, Operations, and Development (FOD) partners on campus. SuB members also opt-in to a new listserv (operated through the ESSL email address) that will publicize research opportunities and resources in sustainable behavior, collated and maintained by the ESS lab.

Please see the tab to the left for a list of current members.


If you would like to join us or have any questions or opportunities in mind, please contact Ellen Eilers, ESS Lab Manager!


Thank you, 

  - The SuB team