Dr. Ramiro Berardo

Ramiro Berardo
Assistant Professor
Environmental and Natural Resources Policy
316B Kottman Hall

Curriculum Vita

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Areas of Research

As a policy scholar, I am interested in studying how policy actors (individuals and organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental) interact with each other when they face environmental problems. These interactions might take multiple forms. For instance, relationships among stakeholders might emerge as formal rules determine who controls whom (e.g. a bureaucratic agency monitoring farming behavior). They can also be shaped by joint participation in policy venues or forums where decisions are made that affect the state of the environment (e.g. farmers attending different meetings convened by governmental agencies to discuss solutions to excessive application of fertilizers in their fields). Or they may emerge as informal norms and social pressure force certain actors to collaborate with others (e.g. unwritten rules prevent farmers from directing runoff into their neighbors plots), etc. However these interactions are formed, they collectively form the social capital that is believed to be a key ingredient for solving environmental problems involving many groups and individuals. In my research, I examine how this social capital forms and how it affects both the attitudes of policy actors and their support or opposition to specific policy responses to environmental problems.

Courses Offered

ENR 4000 - Environmental and Natural Resources Policy


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