Dr. Kristi Lekies

Kristi Lekies
Assistant Professor / Extension Specialist
320C Kottman Hall


Curriculum Vita




My research focuses on experiences of place in community and natural environments with a special emphasis on children and youth from early childhood through young adulthood. I study individuals’ experiences in natural settings, geographical communities, and school- and community-based educational and recreational programs.  


My current research addresses two primary areas. The first is to examine childhood experiences in nature and to further the understanding of the processes by which free play, outdoor recreation, and organizational activities relate to environmental attitudes, perceptions of nature, and concern for the natural environmental in adulthood. Additionally, I am interested in studying the opportunity structures that provide access to and engage young people in natural environments, such as community gardens and adventure based outdoor recreation programs for urban youth. I also am interested in innovative outdoor settings for young children that exist in other cultural contexts, such as forest preschools in Germany and Sweden.


The second area examines community and place attachment in adolescence and young adulthood. I focus on the processes by which individuals become engaged in or attached to geographical places, especially through civic engagement, outdoor activities, and connection to landscapes. My interests also include hometown attachment of university students and others leaving home for the first time.



  • Connecting Young Children with Nature:  An Assessment of Current Childcare Practices

  • Childhood Experiences in Nature:  Impacts Across the Life Span

  • Hometown Community Sentiment: Exploring the Role of Youth Civic Engagement and Childhood Place Experiences

  • Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Corn-Based Cropping Systems – Evaluation of Educational Activities


  • Environment and Natural Resources 2000 -- Natural Resources Data Analysis
  • Rural Sociology 1500 -- Introduction to Rural Sociology
  • A graduate level course on Environmental Evaluation is currently under development


In addition to research and teaching, I am a State Specialist with Ohio State University Extension in Leadership Development and Program Evaluation. My current efforts focus on youth leadership development. Since 2009, I have produced the weekly program, Youth Beat Radio, which airs on Columbus Community Radio Station WCRS. The show promotes youth leadership, community service, community action, and youth perspectives, and it provides an opportunity for high school and university students to engage in radio production. Topics include environmental issues, recreation, health, culture, arts, music, and current events.


Youth Leadership Summits on the Environment will be held in 2014 in collaboration with the Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park. High school students learn about environmental issues, develop leadership skills, and create an action plan to be carried out in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities. This year’s summits will focus on water resources


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Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University, 1998

M.S., Home Economics/Child and Family Services, University of Wisconsin-Stout, 1993

B.A., Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986



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