About Us

The Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Lab is a community of scholars working to build scientific understanding of environmental and social sustainability in an interdisciplinary context. We collaborate to describe, analyze, and communicate environmental problems and potential solutions. We are staffed by a core group of affiliated faculty members and students representing a range of social sciences with focus on the environment and natural resources. In addition to a core of faculty leaders, the ESS Lab serves as a clearing-house, tailored to particular projects, by gathering research and support personnel from across the campus and nation as needed.


Our goals:

1. To advance the state of knowledge and disseminate findings for concepts and methods concerned with environmental and natural resource issues.

2. To conduct innovative and valuable research that helps frame thinking and debate about environmental and natural resource challenges.

3. To recruit top-quality graduate students to the School of Environment and Natural Resources and provide students with opportunities to work with faculty on projects.

4. To foster interdisciplinary interactions among faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

5. To serve as a focus for student and faculty research by applying for and securing research funding from Federal, State, University, non-governmental, and other sources.