GIS Essentials Quick Start Workshop

This is a new offering from New Urban Research on Feb 1, March 1, April 5, May 1, June 13, July 12, Aug 1, Sept 19th, Nov 8th, and Dec 12th designed for those who would like a quick introduction to ArcGIS from anywhere in the world. It is a hands-on, one-day virtual class with a live instructor. Students will be given a dial-in number for the class, as well as a code for screen sharing to view the instructor's desktop. Student must have ArcGIS 10.0 or higher installed (60 day trial version available) as well as headphones or a speakerphone.
No prior experience necessary.


ArcGIS Desktop essentials
Creating basic maps and awesome layouts
Thematic mapping (color shaded mapping)
Address mapping (geocoding)
Joining spreadsheets to maps
Downloading data and geography files from the Census


Book The GIS 20: Essential Skills, ESRI Press
A recording of the class

Bonus exercises:

Getting ArcGIS maps into Google Maps, Advanced labeling in 10.1 and Creating Map Books

Bonus time with instructor:

Each student can schedule a 30 minute one on one time with the instructor to ask questions, get help or discuss a project.


Time: 9 - 2 (PST), 12 - 5 (EST), with a 15 minute break halfway through
Cost: $250

About the instructor:

Gina Clemmer, author of The GIS 20: Essential Skills published by ESRI Press, will teach classes. The second edition of The GIS 20 will be released this spring. She has taught thousands of professional how to use ArcGIS through New Urban Research's GIS Essentials mapping classes.