About Us

The Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Lab is a community of scholars working to build scientific understanding of environmental and social sustainability in an interdisciplinary context. We collaborate to describe, analyze, and communicate environmental problems and potential solutions. 

We are staffed by a core group of affiliated faculty, students, and research staff representing a range of social sciences with a focus on the environment and natural resources. In an effort to promote the ESS Lab as a hub of sustainability research at Ohio State, the goals of the lab are the following:

  1. Promote the development, generation, and dissemination of academic research in the field of sustainable behavior

  2. Initiate and develop research partnerships with OSU-internal and external collaborators

  3. Develop and share research tools and materials for scholars in the sustainability domain and the broader OSU community

  4. Mentor students and early career researchers in behavioral methods and theories in sustainability

  5. Communicate opportunities for sustainable-behavior research, training, and employment